Day in the Life……

December 30, 2015

In the studio this morning is the usual 2AM paint work as I furiously attempt to keep up with commissions in time for the Holidays. As with most artists, there is more going on than just painting……..first, there’s coffee. And plenty of it. Today’s version is Death Wish. It claims to have 200% more caffeine. While I cannot absolutely stand by the percentage, it will literally float a horseshoe. This is what I’m looking for…….

Music at this time of day is almost always classical……current tab indicates Beethoven’s Symphony #3, Op 55, “Eroica”……if that helps. It does me. As the day goes on, the music theme morphs through classic Big-Band to rock and roll. ┬áLike most people I think, my music collection is eclectic at best and probably therapy worthy at worst.
There are two, count ’em, two television monitors going, the larger of which is showing MLB network Winter Meetings wrap up/special (no sound) and the other, muted as well, is showing one of the classic “Thin Man” movies. Somehow it seems coherent to me and that is the bonus of having a fort of your own.

In spite of the media blitzkrieg, stuff still manages to get done. Occasionally in a timely manner even.

It will be in the 70s here today and I foresee fishing and beach things later on today…….if you wake up to snow, well…….I am sorry.